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API Endpoint: Device

/api/device - get all devices on account
/api/device/1 - get device with id of 1
/api/device?identifier=b60e7c95-d160-439d-8dc6-4c7e1648bd1a - get device on account using device identifier

/api/device/1 - delete/unpair device with id of 1

/api/device/1 - patch (update) device with id of 1

When using PATCH only the supplied values are updated. If for example you supply no value for the device name, it will not change within remote management. Include json in the request body as per examples below:

Properties: devicegroupid (int), name (string), updateoverrideurl (bool), overrideurl (string)

Update all properties:
{\"devicegroupid\":3,\"name\":\"My Device Name\",\"updateoverrideurl\":true,\"overrideurl\":\"\"}
Update only Device Group ID:
Update Device Override Kiosk Url Only:
Clear Device Override Kiosk Url Only:
Update Device Name only:
{\"name\":\"My Device Name\"}

When the Url is changed, the change is automatically pushed to the device.

Updated on: 08/05/2018

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