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API Endpoint: File Group File (Classic Remote Management)

A File Group File is stored within a File Group.

/api/filegroupfile/1 - get all files stored within filegroupid 1

/api/filegroupfile/1 - delete file within filegroupid 1, include json in the request body as per examples below:
Properties: path (string)

Delete index.htm within localcontent folder:
Delete customicon.png in root folder:
Delete entire folder, subfolders and files within localcontent/myfolder

Please note you are prevented from deleting the standard folders (localcontent, screensaver, errorpage, accessdenied).

POST (upload)
/api/filegroupfile - Upload new file to filegroup. Include the file, filegroupid and path in the form (multipart). C# example can be found here.

Properties: file, filegroupid(int), path (string)
Path: this should be the full path including the name of the file. i.e. localcontent/index.htm. If the folder does not exist it will automatically get created.

Whenever deleting a file/folder or uploading new file the awaiting deployment (awaitingdeployment property) is automatically set to true. You must deploy the changes by making a request (PATCH) to the File Group endpoint for the specific filegroup.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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