QR codes can be used in the provisioning process on Android 7.0 or higher devices. The Kiosk Browser Provisioner app allows you to easily generate a QR code but you may wish to customise this further yourself.

Option 1
Use our online QR Code Generator.

Option 2 (advanced):
Create your own using the guidance below.
"android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_SKIP_ENCRYPTION": true,
"registration_key": "12345",
"licence_key": "123XXX",
"kiosk_url": "http://www.bbc.co.uk"

The package checksum changes on each release and is unique to the APK file, the provisioner app handles this automatically but if when creating your own QR code you must make sure this value is correct. Use https://hash.online-convert.com/sha256-generator to generate the checksum.
When the sha256 checksum is generated, copy the base64 string and replace any of the following characters (to make the string url safe):
+ (replace with -)
/ (replace with _)

Optional Fields

You can paste this example into http://goqr.me/ and modify the values as you see fit.

If you have purchased a custom build you will need to change com.procoit.kioskbrowser to your package name i.e. com.mycompany.browser, if unsure please contact us.
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