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KB: Setting the Home Page/Kiosk Url

By default, Kiosk Browser is set to our welcome page but its very easy to change the URL to point to a website or local html files.

Option 1: Website

Go to Settings > General > Kiosk Url
Tap the three dots in the top toolbar, then tap Settings.

Enter the default password of 0000 (zero zero zero zero).

Password Dialog

General Settings

Tap Kiosk Url and change the URL to a url of your choice, e.g. and tap ok.

When exiting back to the main browser window (by pressing back) your URL will have loaded.

Option 2: Using an html file stored on the device

To use a html file stored on the device you must use the file:/// prefix when entering your URL. An example would be something like file:///sdcard/webfolder/index.html within Settings > General > Kiosk Url

Alternatively you can point to kioskbrowser/localcontent by just using a simple variable: %LOCALCONTENT% i.e. %LOCALCONTENT%/index.htm

Or %LOCALSTORAGE%/myfolder/index.htm (requires version 2.0.36 or higher to use this parameter).

For more information on file paths please see our Default Storage Location guide

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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