1.1.2 (Build 94) - 05/11/2020
Backend polling fix

1.1.1 (Build 93) - 05/11/2020
Added setting "Clear Data Apps" and "Clear App Data Idle Timeout" for clearing app data when the launcher screen is idle for x minutes

1.1.0 (Build 92) - 21/10/2020
Fixed issue with lock screen not appearing after turning off screen (Android 9 or higher only)
Prevent Google Play Protect from being turned on automatically (this is part of a wider plan to prevent google play prompting for apk installs)

1.0.9 (Build 91) - 02/10/2020
Added Create Automatic Configuration File (JSON) feature (Setting > Admin), which uploads the current configuration to a publicly accessible url which is available for 15 minutes
Fixed issue with permissions not auto granting on Android 7 and 8

1.0.8 (Build 89) - 15/09/2020
Fixed issue where keyboard would not display when lock screen is enabled

1.0.7 (Build 88) - 09/09/2020
Fixed issue launching WiFi, Date/Time Settings locally or remotely
Added settings for controlling background colour and app text label colour
Added setting to change app icon size
Automatic licence activation (provisioning) retry if activation fails (5 attempts)

1.0.6 (Build 87) - 28/08/2020
Fixed issue with sleep/wake/restart times showing 00:00 when not set
Added functionality to locate a device (ring tone) via Remote Management

1.0.5 (Build 86) - 24/08/2020
Added setting Auto Grant Permissions which auto grants permissions to any app that is installed after the setting is turned on. Automatic Configuration JSON auto_grant_permissions: true/false

1.0.4 (Build 85) - 21/08/2020
Fixed issue with clearing times in Automatic Configuration JSON, you can either use "" or null to clear all times
Added setting Automatic Config Download Frequency (minutes) to control the frequency of configuration file downloads, range is 15 - 1440 mins (24 hours)
Added support for download_files in Automatic Configuration JSON

1.0.3 (Build 84) - 20/08/2020
Added support for file downloads during provisioning process

1.0.2 (Build 83) - 18/08/2020
Support installation of additional apps (APKs) via Automatic Configuration JSON
"install_apps": [
"package": "com.procoit.projectcamera",
"version": 65,
"url": "https://kbremote.blob.core.windows.net/apk/current/com.procoit.projectcamera.apk"
"package": "com.company.app2",
"version": 10,
"url": "https://www.android-kiosk.com/com.company.app2.apk"

1.0.1 (Build 82) - 17/08/2020
Support installation of additional apps (APKs) via provisioning barcode (comma separated URLs)

1.0.0 (Build 81) - 11/08/2020
Initial public release
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