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KL: Installing Kiosk Launcher

Kiosk Launcher isn't a "normal" Android application, it must be installed using one of 2 very specific methods. This allows Kiosk Launcher to become a "device owner" meaning that it is granted more permissions vs a standard app installation. This allows us to support core features such as app updates, navigation bar control and preventing unauthorised applications from launching.

Android 9.0 or higher recommended
Whilst Android 7.0 and later is supported we recommend Android 9.0 or later, this is due to some key changes within the OS which allows more granular configuration of certain features. Android 9.0 is also required to fully lock down a device.

To start the provisioning process, your device (the target device you want to install Kiosk Launcher on) either needs to be brand new out of the box or factory reset.

Method 1. QR Code

This method requires that your device has a camera.
Generate a QR code via our QR Code Generator
Boot up your new / factory reset device
Tap the Welcome Screen 6 times
Tap the welcome screen 6 times until the QR wizard starts

Connect to your WiFi network (this step is not required on all devices, you can include WiFi settings in the QR code)
Scan the QR code

Follow the on-screen prompts, your device will then download and install Kiosk Launcher

Method 2. ADB (set device owner via ADB command)

Only use if the previous options are not possible.
This option is complicated and long winded, only for advanced users who know how to communicate with a device via ADB.

Boot up your new / factory reset device
Follow the setup wizard but DO NOT add a Google Account at this stage, otherwise provisioning will fail
Install Kiosk Launcher via APK
Enable USB debugging on your device
Connect the device via USB cable
Execute the following command: adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.procoit.kiosklauncher/.receiver.AdminReceiver
Once the command has executed it should state success or failure, if successful Kiosk Launcher is now installed.
[Optional] Start Kiosk Launcher: adb shell am start -n com.procoit.kiosklauncher/com.procoit.kiosklauncher.ui.Launcher
[Optional] Register to remote management: adb shell am broadcast -a com.procoit.kiosklauncher.SET_REGISTRATION_KEY --es registration_key "XXXXX"
[Optional] Set Automatic Configuration JSON url: adb shell am broadcast -a com.procoit.kiosklauncher.SET_CONFIG_URL --es config_url ""

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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