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Pricing Structure

Our current pricing for Kiosk Browser/Launcher Licences, and Kiosk Browser/Launcher Remote Management can be seen below. 

You are welcome to contact us with any questions.

All prices shown below are excluding VAT.

Kiosk Browser & Kiosk Launcher Licences

£6.00 GBP / $9.60 USD - per licence, per device.
65% Discount applied at 250+ licences
80% Discount applied at 500+ licences

There are no yearly licensing or maintenance fees and you receive free upgrades for the lifetime of the product.

Licensing FAQs can be found here.

Classic/Unified Kiosk Remote Management

If you were to look at using our comprehensive Remote Management solution instead of Licences; then the pricing structure is as follows:

1-199 devices
£1.00 / $1.60 per device per month

200-499 devices
£0.90 / $1.45 per device per month

500-999 devices
£0.80 / $1.25 per device per month

1000+ devices
£0.65 / $1.00 per device per month

Annual Subscriptions
There is a 15% discount on Remote Management for an annual subscription instead of monthly subscription (5 device minimum).

Non-profit Discount
We offer a 40% discount on annual/yearly subscriptions for all non-profits, this includes educational establishments. To apply and receive a discount code please contact our sales team.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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