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Unified Kiosk Remote Management API: API Endpoints

The Unified Kiosk Remote Management API is available for all subscribers. It is designed to allow programmatic access to devices and other relevant information within your account.

The API can be accessed using your unique API Key. Your API Key should NEVER be shared, if compromised you can delete your API Key in the management console and generate a new one.


Base Url:
api-key = myapikey

Where do I find my API Key?
You can find this via More > API Keys > Click Add

Device Endpoint


/api/device - get all devices on account
/api/device?identifier=b60e7c95-d160-439d-8dc6-4c7e1648bd1a - get device on account using device identifier

Example url:

Sample Response:
        "identifier": "e4fc83bf-d29b-4789-826a-4f9f8a21b2f0",
        "name": "Emulator 7.1.1",
        "serial": "EMULATOR30X8X4X0",
        "androidVersion": "7.1.1",
        "brand": "google",
        "model": "Android SDK built for x86",
        "kioskVersion": "1.4.2 (Build 127)",
        "kioskPackageName": "com.procoit.kiosklauncher",
        "build": 127,
        "buildNumber": "NYC",
        "timezone": "Europe/London",
        "provisioned": true,
        "systemUpdatePending": false,
        "wiFiNetwork": "<unknown ssid>",
        "macAddress": "",
        "imei": "358240051111110",
        "screenOn": true,
        "defaultLauncher": "com.procoit.kiosklauncher",
        "simSerial": "89014103211118510720",
        "simOperator": "Android",
        "permissionsGranted": true,
        "batteryLevel": 100,
        "isCharging": true,
        "lastSeen": "2021-09-01T08:43:56.1757277",
        "registered": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
        "latitude": 0.000000000,
        "longitude": 0.000000000,
        "tags": "cat,tag1",
        "online": false
        "identifier": "cdd7344d-731c-4bf1-8c50-a89801ce8949",
        "name": "Nokia 7 Plus",
        "serial": "B2NGAA9832614974",
        "androidVersion": "10",
        "brand": "Nokia",
        "model": "Nokia 7 plus",
        "kioskVersion": "1.4.6 (Build 131)",
        "kioskPackageName": "com.procoit.kiosklauncher",
        "build": 131,
        "buildNumber": "00WW_4_15N",
        "timezone": "Europe/London",
        "provisioned": true,
        "systemUpdatePending": false,
        "wiFiNetwork": "Droid",
        "macAddress": "00:00:00:00:00",
        "imei": "000000000000",
        "screenOn": true,
        "defaultLauncher": "com.procoit.kiosklauncher",
        "simSerial": "",
        "simOperator": "",
        "permissionsGranted": true,
        "batteryLevel": 25,
        "isCharging": false,
        "lastSeen": "2021-09-08T10:33:51.7061598",
        "registered": "2021-08-26T07:16:11.5010442",
        "latitude": 0.00,
        "longitude": 0.00,
        "tags": null,
        "online": false

DeviceConfiguration Endpoint

/api/deviceconfiguration - get all configurations on account
/api/deviceconfiguration?id=1 - get configuration on account using configuration id

Sample Response:
        "configurationID": 1,
        "name": "First Configuration",
        "lastModified": "2022-07-11T08:52:40.5432508",
        "revision": 94,
        "kioskType": 1
        "configurationID": 2,
        "name": "Second Configuration",
        "lastModified": "2022-04-13T10:57:19.3491193",
        "revision": 66,
        "kioskType": 2

Push Endpoint

/api/push?identifier=b60e7c95-d160-439d-8dc6-4c7e1648bd1a&type=1 - send push/device action to device identifier and push type 1

Sample Response
    "message":"Push sent"

Valid Push Types
Request Status from Device (heartbeat to server, battery, screen state etc...)
Restart Application
Take App Screenshot/device screenshot (Kiosk Browser)
Open WiFi Settings
Identify device (show message box)
Download configuration
Screen Off
Screen On
Open Kiosk Browser/Launcher Settings
Open TeamViewer QuickSupport or TeamViewer Host (if installed)
Open Date & Time Settings
Locate device with sound
Upload diagnostic logs (if enabled)
Clear app data (Kiosk Launcher)
Reload Home Page (Kiosk Browser)
Clear WebView Cache and reload Kiosk Url (Kiosk Browser)
Clear WebView Cookies and reload Kiosk Url (Kiosk Browser)
Clear WebView Forms and reload Kiosk Url (Kiosk Browser)
Clear WebView Cache, Cookies & Forms and reload Kiosk Url (Kiosk Browser)
Clear WebView HTML5 WebStorage (Kiosk Browser)
Execute JavaScript kbRemoteFunction() on device (Kiosk Browser)

201. Reboot device
202. Update Kiosk Browser/Launcher to latest version
203. Update Kiosk Browser/Launcher to beta version
204. Set Kiosk Browser/Launcher as the default launcher

Updated on: 19/07/2024

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