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Block List

The Block List function (not to be confused with Allow List) can be used to block access to specified websites. For example, you may have the Kiosk homepage set as your company webpage with multiple external links such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You may wish to permit access everything except youtube, this is far simpler with a Block List than an Allow List since you only need to specify one URL to block.

By default the block list is disabled, if the allow list function is enabled any block list settings are ignored.

To enable the block list:
Go to Settings > Allow/Block List > Enable Block List (Kiosk Browser) or Settings > Browser > Allow/Block List > Enable Block List (Kiosk Launcher). By default no sites are blocked when enabled.
To enter blocked URLs tap Blocked URLs, remember to separate multiple websites with a comma.

All sub-domains:
Deny any URL containing:
No sub-domains:
Deny any URL containing:
Specific URL:
Deny any URL containing:

Lots of websites redirect from to (or similar) when viewing from a mobile device, so you need to understand how the website redirects in such scenarios in order to block list correctly.

If you still can't understand which URL is being allowed then turn on Troubleshoot Allow/Block List, this will display a message with the allowed URL each time an attempt is made to load a page.

Updated on: 03/03/2021

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