Power management is included with pro licences and/or devices paired to a valid remote management subscription.

Remote Management users: there is an alternative way of doing this by using the Scheduler if preferred.

To change power management go to Settings > Power.

If you have a screen lock enabled this may interfere with the wake function, so please turn this off in Android Settings > Security.

Version 2.0.40 now includes the ability to control sleep & wake times by day.

Put the device to sleep at a given time of day.
Enable Scheduled Wake Up then select a time.

Wake the device from sleep at a given time of day.
Enable Scheduled Sleep then select a time.

Please note we use a background job which can take 15 minutes to execute (this is a standard Android feature to reduce battery consumption), if you have scheduled power on/off to occur at 13:00 please wait until 13:15.
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