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How do I enter my licence key?

Licence keys are supported from version 1.45 and up, make sure you have the latest version installed (either from Google Play or the link in your order confirmation email) and you enter the licence key in Settings > About > Enter Licence Key.

Licence Keys are in two formats, a simple 6 character key i.e. QXXXX1 or a longer (legacy) key i.e. XE84-C2Q4-37C8-677Q-B6Q0. Both key types are activated in the same way. If you have a legacy key and want the newer style 6 character key just get in touch and we can provide you with one.

When activating there are a number of errors or warnings that can occur:

Invalid licence key
The licence key does not match the information provided when buying your licence.

You have zero activation's remaining on this licence key, remember you can de-activate a licence on another device to free up an activation slot.
You have used all activation slots available against your licence key. You can free up slots be de-activating licences on devices that are no longer in use by going to Settings > About > De-activate Licence. If you no longer have the device and need to free up the activation slot, please contact us.

Unable to access / invalid hostname
The most common cause of this is no network connection or the date and time on the device is incorrect, this causes the SSL communication with our server to fail as the date may fall outside of the validity period of the certificate used on our website. You may receive the message “invalid/untrusted certificate”.

Settings > About

Enter Licence Key Dialog

Updated on: 11/03/2019

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