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Trialling Kiosk Browser or Kiosk Launcher (App Only)

When you first install Kiosk Browser or Kiosk Launcher, you will have access to a 5-day unrestricted trial.

You can dismiss the message displayed at the bottom of the browser ("Unlicensed. Purchase licence to remove this message") which will display a toast message for 5 seconds that states "Trial activated for 5 days, dismissing unlicensed message".

Once you have navigated through the initial tour pages, when opening Kiosk Browser/Launcher Settings, you can navigate to >About, and the first option in that list is for entering your licence key. This will also display how many days are remaining of your trial.

After the 5-day trial has ended, the message stating "Unlicensed. Purchase licence to remove this message", will be displayed at the bottom of the app. If dismissed, it will be shown again on the next page load/reload. This is shown persistently to prevent unlicensed use of Kiosk Browser/Launcher.

When buying licenses you must buy 1 licence per device. You can buy directly through our website, and it is not tied to a Google Account.

Unlike many of our competitors, there are no recurring/yearly licensing, maintenance or support fees and you receive free updates for the lifetime of the product.

When a licence has been purchased and activated in the application, the "Unlicensed" message will be permanently dismissed, and will only reappear if the licence is deactivated on that device.

When selecting "Buy Licence", you will be taken to (in Chrome, or the default browser on the device) where you can select "Buy Now" and go through the checkout process.

If you will be purchasing licences for more than one device, ensure you change the quantity to the number of devices you require a licence for. We recommend you don't purchase one licence at a time on each device you're setting up, as this can lead to your card provider blocking transactions, as multiple small transactions to the same vendor can mimic fraudulent card activity.

If this happened - you'd then need to contact your card provider to complete the transactions, and we would need to raise a ticket with our eCommerce provider (FastSpring) in order to release blocks that are added their end. Therefore we urge our customers to make sure they purchase the total number of licences they require, in as few transactions as possible.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, your can contact us using our live chat support (0800-1700 GMT), or by emailing

Updated on: 11/03/2021

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