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In certain scenarios you may wish to provide easy access to a number of websites as well as the default homepage, this is where the bookmarks feature is useful. It provides a side menu where the end user can tap a website from a predefined list of websites. The bookmarks bar is automatically closed if still open after 40 seconds.

Setup Bookmarks
There are two settings to control how websites appear in the list of bookmarks. The first is Settings > Toolbar > Bookmarks. This controls the urls shown in the list. Separate each url with a comma.

Settings > Toolbar > Bookmark Names. This controls the "friendly" names shown in the bar, if not specified the urls will be used as names instead. Separate each name with a comma.

You can also use Settings > Toolbar > Bookmarks Title to change the header on the bookmarks bar (default wording is Bookmarks).

Bookmark Names: Images,BBC,JS Test

How to access bookmarks
You can access bookmarks in the main interface by turning on Settings > Toolbar > Bookmarks Icon. This will display an extra icon on the toolbar as per below:

Alternatively you may provide access to bookmarks via our JavaScript interface with the following two functions.


Updated on: 04/08/2020

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