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Standalone Mode

By default Kiosk Browser behaves like a launcher, this means you can set it as the default and the user cannot exit the launcher without entering a password. This is ideal for environments where you wish to lock down the entire tablet interface, but what if you wish to just lock down the contents and behaviour of the browser for a very specific requirement? This is where Standalone Mode comes in.

You can enable by going to Settings > Advanced > Standalone Mode.

When enabled Kiosk Browser will behave in the same way as any normal browser, when you want to exit Kiosk Browser you just press the home button on the device and it will return back to the default launcher which displays your app icons. When opening Kiosk Browser it will launch just like any other application. The advantage of using Kiosk Browser over say Google Chrome is that you can still lock down all of the browser settings without preventing access to the rest of the tablet.

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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