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KB: Toolbar Buttons & Their Functions

In order to customise the user experience within Kiosk Browser, you can ensure that only the relevant buttons are displayed on the toolbar.

All buttons can be added and removed within the Settings > Toolbar menu as below.

App Icon (enabled by default) 

When enabled, this will reload the home page.  You can disable this behaviour using the option under Settings > Toolbar > App Icon Reloads Home Page

The app icon can be removed be enabling the setting Settings > Toolbar > Custom App Icon and ensuring that there isn't a custom icon file stored on the device under /DEFAULTSTORAGE/kioskbrowser/customicon.png

Settings > Toolbar > Home Icon
When enabled, this button will load the home page.

Settings > Toolbar > Refresh Icon
The refresh button will refresh the current URL.

Settings > Toolbar > Bookmarks Icon
This will open the bookmarks bar and display any bookmarks you have stored.

Settings > Toolbar > App Drawer Icon
Opens the app drawer and displays any apps that you have enabled.

Any applications you would like to be displayed in the app drawer, must be enabled under Settings > App Drawer > Visible Apps and the Enable App Drawer option switched on.

Settings > Toolbar > Back Icon
Loads the previous page.

Settings > Toolbar > Forward Icon
Loads the next page.

Settings > Toolbar > Browser Controls

The Home, Refresh, Back and Forward buttons can be removed from the toolbar as a group, using the Browser Controls option.

Settings > Toolbar > Camera Icon
Opens the default camera within Kiosk Browser.

Settings > Toolbar > Barcode Scanner Icon
Opens the barcode scanner within Kiosk Browser.

Settings > Toolbar > Show Print Menu Item
Opens the Google Cloud Print menu.

Settings > Toolbar > Show Restart App
This will include the Restart App option within the overflow menu.  

Settings > Toolbar > Hide Overlow Menu Items

The overflow menu is enabled by default.  By hiding the overflow menu you will need to access settings and exit to launcher by using the multi-tap method.

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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