Trialling the Pro Features in Kiosk Browser
If you wish to trial the Pro features before purchasing licences or subscribing to Kiosk Browser Remote Management, we would certainly encourage this; as we want you to be happy with the solution you're purchasing.

To do so, in Kiosk Browser you should navigate to Settings > General > Pro Demo Mode and select the Try Pro option.  This will enable all Pro features, however you will see a "Pro Demo Mode - Commercial Use Not Permitted" message each time a page is loaded and whilst using certain Pro features.

Running in Pro Demo Mode for longer than 30 days would be in breach of the licence terms.

Remote Management Trial
You can also run a trial of Kiosk Browser Remote Management.  This is a 14 day unrestricted trial of Remote Management to ensure you're happy with the functions and that they meet your requirements.  These Terms of Use apply to all trial accounts. 

Some of the features included in Remote Management include ProfilesUpdate Manager, Device Maps, Scheduler, and Email Alerts.

You can also find the KBRemote Privacy Policy here.

Remote Management Devices

Remote Management Reports

Remote Management Alerts
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