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Profiles are at the core of Remote Management, they provide a way to configure multiple devices in exactly the same way.

By default when creating a new account you are automatically given one Default Device Group and one Default Profile. A Device Group is used as a way of grouping devices together, you can also perform device actions against a Device Group such as taking a screenshot of all member devices or restarting Kiosk Browser.

You can create a new profile at any time using the [+] button on the Profiles Page, also you can select an existing profile as template during the creation process to "clone" a profile.

To Edit a profile click Manage Profile... on the Profiles Page, all of the settings in here are identical to the Settings screen within Kiosk Browser, once you have finished editing click the Save button (as pictured below). Once saved the backend server sends a push notification to any device group members associated with the profile to download the new settings.

Save Button

Manage Profile

Device Groups & Profiles
EACH Device Group has a profile assigned to it, this instructs each member device as to which profile settings to download. It is possible to switch the profile on any device group, you may also have multiple device groups with the same profile.

Example: you have two store locations with 10 tablets in each store, they require exactly the same profile settings but you wish to group them in 2 separate groups. You could create 2 device groups and assign the same profile to each, then in turn assign each device to the relevant device group. To assign a device to a group click the edit icon next to the device and select the device group from the dropdown list.

Edit Icon
Profiles & File Groups
You can assign a file group to a profile via the edit icon. File Groups make deploying content to your devices incredibly simple.

Updated on: 25/05/2018

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