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Registering devices in large volumes

Using registration keys it is possible to register a large number of devices to different device groups as well as avoiding giving anyone the master registration key.

There are two types of registration keys.

Short Key: 5 characters i.e. 4XXX1 (requires v2.6.2 or higher)
Long Key: 24 characters i.e. xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx This is a legacy registration key and can still be used in all scenarios.

Registration Keys Page

How do registration keys work?

Registration keys have been designed with mass provisioning in mind, not only do they streamline registration process they also allow you to automatically assign devices to the correct device groups. Take the following example:

Let's say you want to roll out 100 devices, 50 devices to "Device Group Onsite" and 50 to "Device Group Offsite". You would create 2 registration keys via the management console and assign "Device Group Onsite" to key 1 and "Device Group Offsite" to key 2. Once registered using one of the options below these devices automatically make themselves members of the relevant device group and download the correct profile settings.

Option 1
Provision your device(s) using our provisioning app (the simplest and most secure method) . See Provisioning Devices for more information.

Option 2
Enter registration key via the device under Settings > Remote Management > Register Device

Enter Registration Key Dialog in Kiosk Browser

Option 3
Copy kbremote.xml to the default storage area and install Kiosk Browser

The most flexible method to register devices, simply copy the file kbremote.xml to the default storage area (home/root), this file contains the relevant registration key. Then install Kiosk Browser either via APK or through Google Play. Once launched Kiosk Browser will automatically register the device using the registration key found in kbremote.xml. You can download the XML file using the download icon. Setting the delete value to "true" means the xml file will be deleted after the key is imported.

Sample XML File:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <registration key="zzzzzzzz-yyyy-zzzz-yyyy-zzzzzzzzzzzz" delete="true" />

Option 4
Get a branded/customised APK from us with a built in registration key

We provide you with a custom APK, once installed and launched Kiosk Browser will automatically register the device using the registration key embedded within the APK. This makes a lot of sense if you are less worried by the default device group but want to make registration simple.

Note costs are associated with this method, see here for more information on branded versions.

Option 5
With JavaScript

Create your own registration procedure using our JavaScript interface. Examples can be found here. We can embed a start page into your own customised APK, note costs are associated with embedding, see here for more information on branded versions.

Updated on: 29/08/2018

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