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KB: Reset WiFi

The reset WiFi setting will disable and then re-enable the WiFi, if the device is unable to access the default Kiosk URL.

This function can be found under Settings > Connectivity > Reset WiFi.

Connectivity Settings

Once the setting has been enabled, then the WiFi check frequency sub-menu will become accessible Settings > Connectivity > WiFi Check Frequency, from here you should set the frequency that the check is performed.

We would not recommend setting a value lower than 10 minutes in the majority of environments.

WiFi Check Frequency

Connectivity Checks
If the default Kiosk URL starts with file:/// or %LOCALCONTENT% then connectivity is checked against

If the default Kiosk URL starts with http://localhost or https://localhost then the connectivity is checked against

The WiFi connectivity check is carried out twice, and the timeout interval is 15 seconds (the time before the website is considered unavailable).

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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