Samsung devices allow us to utilise the Knox SDK to provide extra features within Kiosk Browser.

Supported Android versions: 4.4 to 8.1.

Android 9 and later is not supported, it will not be supported in the future. Please using our provisioning process instead.

Please note, if you have provisioned your device using our provisioning process, the only advantage to using Knox is Android 4.4/5.0/5.1 support for the below features & full device screenshots. Otherwise a provisioned device already has access to these features.

Features include:
Hide notification bar (even on swipe down)
Fully disable recents button
Prevent device from booting into safe mode
Disable S Voice
Force Kiosk Browser as default launcher without prompt
Install Kiosk Browser updates remotely (via Remote Management Update Manager)
Reboot device (remote management)
Scheduled reboot
Full device screenshots (remote management)

Install Kiosk Browser Security Module
When Kiosk Browser is installed go to Settings > Samsung Knox > Launch/Install Security Module.
Alternative download options are available here.

Activate Samsung Knox
You can open the security module by tapping Settings > Samsung Knox > Launch/Install Security Knox Module.
Alternatively you can open the application directly.

Follow the on-screen instructions to activate Knox.

Test Knox
To test that Knox is fully activated you go to Settings > Samsung Knox > Test Samsung Knox (force reboot). If fully functioning the device should reboot.

Alternatively within the Security Module application you can press the menu button and tap "test reboot".

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