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KB: Run Kiosk Browser Above The Screen Lock

Run Above Screen Lock

As of Version 2.6.0 (Build 193) released on 12/07/2017, we have added a setting to change the behaviour of Kiosk Browser running above the device screen lock.

By default Kiosk Browser is set to run above the screen lock; this was previously required to wake the screen when a device was connected to Remote Management. This is no longer a requirement and therefore has been included as an option.

Depending on your usage you may wish to the screen lock to appear when the device returns from standby, i.e. To ensure that no sensitive information is on view.

In order to change this behaviour, you will need to deselect the option under Settings > Admin > Run Above Screen Lock (as per the image below).

If you are a Remote Management subscriber, this setting should be changed in your Remote Management profiles and not on the device itself.

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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