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You use use the below parameters as part of the homepage URL, this is particulary useful if you wish to send an identifying parameter to your website. i.e.

Points to the local content folder kioskbrowser/localcontent
Example Url: %LOCALCONTENT%/index.htm

%LOCALSTORAGE% Version v2.0.36 and up
Points to the default storage on the device i.e. /sdcard/myfolder/index.htm
Example Url: %LOCALSTORAGE%/myfolder/index.htm

Device serial number.

MAC address, WiFi adapter first, if not available - ethernet adapter.

IMEI of device if it includes telephony hardware.

%KIOSKIDENTIFIER% Version v2.0.23 and up
Unique device/installation identifier (also used for remote management). Can be found in Settings > About > Unique Installation ID.

%KIOSKIPADDRESS% Version v2.0.23 and up
IP address of WiFi adapter.

%KIOSKTITLE% Version 2.5.8 and up
Gets Kiosk Browser title as displayed in the toolbar.

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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