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KB: White Screen Issues

Please note in version 2.6.3 we made inroads into fixing this issue (partially resolved) but in 2.6.4 we believe the issue is fully resolved, so if you are experiencing this and you have "Resize page when keyboard covers input" enabled please update to v2.6.4.

There are two known causes for this issue:

The setting Advanced > Resize page when keyboard covers input. This setting changes the viewable area of the webpage when the keyboard is displayed however it has been known to change the area of the screen when the keyboard is not showing. Turning off this setting resolves the issue.

Automatic Google Play updates. When you have automatic updates enabled the WebView component or Chrome based WebView get updated automatically. Kiosk Browser relies on this component to work so when an update installs it causes Kiosk Browser to stop functioning, generally it will automatically restart but on occasion it has been known to display a white screen which can be fixed by rebooting.

Updated on: 04/08/2020

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