Kiosk Browser/Launcher Built in Browser is built on a standard Android component called a webview, in Android versions lower than 4.4 KitKat the webview is based on the WebKit engine built into Android, therefore its compatibility range is not as great as Chrome.

In Android 4.4 the webview engine is based on Google Chrome (v33 or v34 when running Android 4.4.3). Android 5.0 Lollipop introduces Chrome engine updates through Google Play meaning you will not have to update the device OS to access new web API's such as WebRTC, WebGL, etc.

For Android 5.0 and up you can update the webview via Google Play, please see our article relating to potential issues behind WebView updates.

WebView in Android 7.0, Chrome version 51
Starting in Android 7.0 and Chrome version 51, the Chrome APK is used to provide and render Android System WebViews. This improves memory usage on the device and also reduces the bandwidth required to keep WebView up to date (as the standalone WebView APK will no longer be updated as long as Chrome remains enabled).

You can choose your WebView provider by going to Settings > Admin > WebView Implementation. You can choose between any compatible Chrome version (Dev, Beta or Stable) that is installed on your device or the standalone Webview APK to act as the WebView implementation.  If Chrome is not installed, your WebView implementation will fall back to the default WebView engine.

Note: it is not possible to change between the WebView Implementation prior to Android 7.0.

Debugging WebView
Debugging WebViews is the same as debugging a web page through remote debugging - please see the Google Developers article on this if you are unfamiliar: remote debugging.

WebView debugging is enabled within Kiosk Browser/Launcher.  You should use DevTools within Chrome to debug WebView content in Kiosk Browser/Launcher.

The chrome://inspect page displays a list of debug-enabled WebViews on your device.

To start debugging, click inspect below the WebView you want to debug. Use DevTools as you would for a remote browser tab.

You can find more information on debugging WebViews on Google Developers page here:
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