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Push Functionality

Kiosk Browser Remote relies on push notifications for 95% of communication.

GMS Certified Devices (Google Certified Devices with Play Services)

FCM/GCM (Firebase/Google Cloud Messaging) - Google Play Services must be installed for push notifications to work. Note you do not need a Google Account to be logged into the device if you have installed via an APK file.

Non GMS Certified Devices (Play Services not installed or installed but not working)

Pushy (Push Messaging) - For devices that can't use FCM (as above) an alternative system called Pushy will be used, it uses MQTT over HTTPS and delivers identictal functionality EXCEPT it can't wake a device that is in deep sleep by sending a notification to it.

What ports and IP addresses does my device need access to?

Updated on: 12/11/2020

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