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Unified Kiosk Remote Management

Unified Kiosk Remote Management (UKR)

Web based platform for managing devices running Kiosk Browser or Kiosk Launcher.

When should I use it?

If you have never used Classic Remote Management or any of our products before.
You want to manage both Kiosk Browser and Kiosk Launcher from one management console.

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Classic Kiosk Remote Management (KBR) EOL 2026-01-01

Web based platform for managing devices running Kiosk Browser.

When should I use it?

Only if you already have an existing subscription, but plan your migration before EOL 2026-01-01


Should I migrate to the Unified platform?

We have designed the Unified platform to better handle more customer use cases.

Platform Differences

The Unified platform is currently missing the following features:
Scheduler (not likely to implement)
User Roles
Custom build application updates

However it includes features not available on the Classic platform:
App Management (install/update/uninstall)
Improved configuration management, including overrides at device level for all settings
Easier to use
Remote Wipe
Locate devices (play ringtone on device)


We are actively encouraging customers to migrate from Classic to Unified Kiosk Remote Management in order to benefit from the enhanced features, easier to use UI and performance improvements. Classic Remote Management will be EOL'd on 2026-01-01

More information can be found here.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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