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Classic Remote Management Migration

We are actively encouraging customers to migrate from Classic to Unified Kiosk Remote Management in order to benefit from the enhanced features, easier to use UI and performance improvements.

To migrate a device or profile login to the unified web console, click "More" and then click "Classic Migration".

Linking to existing KBR/Classic Account

In order to be able to migrate devices and profiles you first need to link your Classic subscription to Unified Remote Management.
Click Link KBR Subscription
Copy and paste your Unified Remote Management Migration Key from the Dashboard Page.
Click Link


The Unified web console uses slightly different terminology, Profiles are now named Configurations.
When migrating a profile all settings are copied over to a new configuration, the existing profile still remains in the classic web console.
To migrate a profile click Migrate, once migrated you will see a unique registration key (KR-XXXXX-805 for example) against the profile, this key can be used when migrating devices (optional).



In order to simplify the migration process we have made it possible to migrate devices without the need to physically visit each device, providing the device is already running v2.8.4+.
To migrate a device:
Click Migrate
Enter a valid registration key, such as the registration key of a migrated profile or use the default key provided
Click Start Migration

When the device next polls the backend server it will store the unique registration key, attempt to register itself to the unified web console. If successful the device will disconnect itself from the classic web console.


Migrate Device

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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