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Can you recommend a device?

This is a tough one, not all devices suit all project needs so there isn’t really a “best buy” device.

We suggest spending time looking at hardware specifications, not all CPUs are created equal. Compare a quad-core Qualcomm CPU with a RockChip quad-core CPU and the performance difference is huge! Devices running Android 7.0 should have much better performance than those running earlier versions of Android.

We would always thoroughly recommend testing your chosen solution fully prior to deployment into a live environment.

Kiosk Browser

We recommend that you try to buy something with a later version of Android, preferably 7.0 or higher. Android 5.0 was the first version to receive webview engine updates via Google Play to keep up with technology changes (see [here] for further info).

Kiosk Launcher

Whilst Android 7.0 and up is supported we recommend Android 9.0 or higher, this is due to some key changes within the OS which allows more granular configuration of certain features.

Updated on: 09/04/2021

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