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Detecting Blocked Applications

When Kiosk Launcher/Kiosk Browser is installed using the provisioning method only permitted applications are allowed to run once the Kiosk application has started.

For Kiosk Launcher, permitted applications are defined in:
Settings > App Launcher >
Visible Apps - apps displayed in the app launcher
Allowed Apps - apps that can launch from within other apps

For Kiosk Browser:
Settings > App Drawer > Visible Apps

Some system dialogs are blocked, such as Samsung's "allow USB storage", other examples include applications that handle incoming calls. In order to find out what application you need to allow you will need to capture the output of adb logcat. You will need to be familiar with adb, device drivers etc... in order to do this.

In a terminal/command prompt enter the following:

adb logcat > ouput.log

Then attempt to open the application/dialog on the device so that relevant information is captured in the log file.

Press Ctrl + C to stop capturing the log output.

Open the log file in a text editor and search for one of the following:

"Lock Task Mode Violation"

If the application is being blocked by Kiosk Browser or Kiosk Launcher you will find a result such as:

E/ActivityManager: Attempted Lock Task Mode violation mStartActivity=ActivityRecord{56ab302 u0 t155}

Updated on: 17/02/2022

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