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Why do my settings keep resetting?

If the device is connected to Remote Management, settings from remote management will always overwrite the local settings on the device.

JSON Configuration

If your device is configured to get it's configuration from a hosted JSON file, this will automatically revert any settings on the device that are defined in the JSON file.

Kiosk Launcher - Automatic Configuration JSON

Kiosk Browser - Automatic Configuration JSON

Kiosk Browser Legacy XML

If you have exported a configuration file to your device (via Settings > Admin > Export XML) Kiosk Browser will automatically re-import it every time the app restarts (such as a reboot or if the app crashes for some reason). Please ensure you do not have an XML file called "kioskbrowserconfig.xml" in the root storage directory on the device.

You can delete this file via Settings > Admin > Delete Exported XML.

Updated on: 09/04/2021

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