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Setting the Default Launcher (Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Acer etc.)

To set Kiosk Browser as the default Launcher on most devices is as straightforward as pressing the home button, and selecting the Launcher you which to use (as per the below image).

This would prevent any Kiosk users from being able to exit the app by pressing the back or home button on the system bar.

This topic is aimed at those using devices such as Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Acer, as these devices do not have the same system dialogue for selecting the Launcher, and instead must be set within Android settings.

The name of this setting will vary slightly from one manufacturers device to the next, however in most instances the setting would be similar to the following examples:

Settings > Default App Settings > Launcher


Settings > Home > Launcher
Kiosk Browser can then be configured as the default Launcher, in order to secure the device for use in a live environment.

The following screenshots show these menus on a Huawei device and a Xiaomi device respectively, and can be used as a rough guide for locating the setting you need.

Exiting to Android Settings
In order to change the default launcher on devices such as these, firstly you would need to navigate to the Kiosk Browser settings, and press the gear icon to exit the app and launch the Android System Settings.

You would then be taken to the main System Settings menu, which will enable you to navigate to the relevant setting for your device.  These menus may vary from one device to the next and with manufacturers system updates; therefore they are not exhaustive.

Settings > Default App Settings > Launcher > Default App Settings > Kiosk Browser (not displayed in list of launchers below)


Settings > General Settings > Apps > Default App Settings


Please refer to your manufacturers user guides and documentation for your device if you are not able to find the correct setting.  As we may not be able to give specific instructions for every variation of software.

Please contact us if you need further guidance.

Updated on: 08/08/2018

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